Southern Chile Expeditions, S. A. operates within  Chile in the geographic area known commonly as Patagonia. Outlined in red, above right, is the general location of our operations. From the standpoint of geographic features, climate, flora and fauna, the distinct settings of our lodges and out camps, are unique. Your expeditions with us range from the Pacific Ocean into the Andes.

Southern Chile Expeditions--your host in the Patagonia

 Our Lodge Locations Our Lodge Locations

At approximately S. Latitude 42 is our flagship Chilean lodge YAN KEE WAY. A little more than 300 air miles to the south, is our other Chilean Lodge, EL PATAGON at S. Latitude 44. This arrangement in the placement of our lodges provides you with the opportunity to move from one to the other, experiencing new territory through the Andes and a diversity of terrain and land forms. While on your expeditions, you’ll not only enjoy the activities associated with your particular expedition package, but the varied characteristics of these regions of the Patagonia as well.

YAN KEE WAY vicinity map

YAN KEE WAY, our flagship Lodge is approximately 600 air miles South of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Lago Llanquihue, our home lake, is 320 square miles in surface area, one of the country’s larger lakes. It is also the Southern most lake in Chile’s famous Lake District. In the foothills of the Andes and in the center of the best fishing in the region, the location of our lodge is ideal for those devoted to fly-fishing. For those interested in Sport Adventure and Cultural Expeditions, this area’s natural and cultural resources abound. From the standpoint of connections via airlines and to the famous crossing, by boat, through the Andes to San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina, our location cannot not be surpassed. Surprisingly, there is even a state owned casino, in near by Puerto Varas for those who cannot pass up the chance to “take a chance” at the gaming tables.

EL PATAGON vicinity map

In Chile, the temperate rain forest is called the “cool jungle.” The rain forest has its beginnings north of YAN KEE WAY. At EL PATAGON, the cool jungle attains its full splendor. In the center of the most lush portion of the temperate rain forest of the Patagonia we built EL PATAGON. This area is reminiscent of virgin old growth forests of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State or Vancouver Island in British Colombia before the clear cuts. Many compare its vistas with those of Switzerland. This location is all about the outdoors. It’s all about nature untroubled by too many people. In addition to trees and unsurpassed natural beauty, we are surrounded by water--water of all shapes, sizes and characteristics. To develop EL PATAGON, we had to move ALL of our materials in by oxen and ox carts. It’s really off of the beaten path. But then---we believe that beaten paths are for beaten men.

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