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Your Patagonia adventures begin in one of our three principal fly-fishing expedition bases.Leopard Rainbow Each is situated on a lake. Quality fly-fishing rivers border two of them. On the Chilean side, the combined lake and river systems serve to buffer rivers from Chile's higher rainfall. Snow packs, which maintain stream levels in the Andes, may vary year to year. Taking this into account, we located on a large combined lake and river system to assure adequate and cool waters. These combined systems benefit from an enhanced food chain and, thus, sustain larger fish. In the brief descriptions of your fishing grounds below, many of our choice locations around them remain unnamed for obvious reasons.

Each location was selected for the quality of fishing, variety of waters within close reach and scenic beauty. Fly-fishing enthusiasts are individualists. Each has a Big Spotted Brownfavorite water type and fishing technique. Rest assured that our locations provide a variety of rivers, streams, spring creeks and lakes to satisfy the taste of the most discriminating angler.

YAN KEE WAY lodge is located on Lago Llanquihue (yan kee way), near the small town of Ensenada, Chile. The lake has a resident population of large browns and rainbows. Resident and migratory coho, king and Atlantic salmon make this their water as well. Nearby rivers and streams on Lago Todos Los Santos are 15 minutes away. The nearby Rio Petrohue, described by Roderick L. Hague-Brown in his book “Fisherman's Winter,” is home to large brown and rainbow trout, which are supplemented by sea-run browns, steelhead, coho, king and Atlantic salmon. Horseback expeditions, if you're so inclined, provide access, through native Chilean forests, to beautiful lakes and streams off the beaten path.

Atlantic Salmon are inThis remote region was first settled in the early 1950’s. The first roads reached the area in 1988. EL PATAGON is located on Lago Rosselot and Rio Figueroa. The Figueroa empties into Lago Rosselot. Flowing from the lake, heading west,  Waterfalls BowRio Rosselot joins with Rio Palena at La Junta. Eastward, the Rio Figueroa is fueled by Lago Verde and other river systems which cross the Andes from Argentina. We have a mile of frontage on Lago Rosselot, 5 miles of frontage on the Figueroa and our own spring creek at this Lodge. Other small streams and lakes surround us. These waters are home to rainbow, brown and brook trout. In addition, sea-run browns, coho, king and Atlantic salmon ply these waters One of many rainbow

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