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Nicole YKW salmon caught with Gear

“Yan Kee Way & El Patagon are among the top 5 fly fishing lodges in the world”

John Barrett – ESPN – Fly-fish the World

YKW Big Rainbow

“My wife Susan and I travel the world to hunt and fish.   Our stay at Yan Kee Way Lodge was one of the best all round lodge experiences in our lives.  In addition to terrific fishing, the variety of outdoor sport activities were a great alternative for Susan when she had enough fishing.  The outstanding dry fly fishing at El Patagon coupled with the food and comfort of Yan Kee Way was another highlight. Your wonderful and caring staff, at both lodges, are a secret ingredient, making them perfect. Susan and I are packing new salmon and trout rods to challenge both the giant King Salmon and trout again this year.”

Gary Loomis - Edge Rods  (Founder of  G. Loomis Rods)


“Yan Kee Way Lodge is the nicest lodge that I’ve ever seen anywhere in the World”

Jim Teeny - Jim Teeny Inc.

YKW from Lake

“Latitude 42 is the finest restaurant in Southern Chile, located right on the lake overlooking the volcano and offering an unrivaled dining experience in the Lake Region...”

Haas Mroue - Frommer’s Argentina & Chile

Each year our expert team of writers around the world selects an exclusive list of restaurants, hotels and attractions in their area to represent the best places to visit when traveling to the region.  Yan Kee Way Lodge and Latitude 42 Restaurant have been chosen as one of these top establishments, and is being noted with the Fodor’s Choice distinction in our guidebooks with special placement on”



“The lodge is luxury at its finest; in fact, it would be impossible to list every service and fine detail...”

Haas Mroue - Frommer’s Argentina & Chile


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